“Perfect” Mommy

When I was pregnant with my son, all I could think about was becoming a stay-at-home mom! I would daydream about strolling through the mall with my beautiful new baby, play dates with other “put together” moms, and my house looking like it belonged in a Martha Stewart magazine.

Well there’s a reason that I used the word “daydream”, because sometimes being a stay-at-home mom isn’t as picturesque as I may have thought it up to be. The house may not always be immaculate and ┬ásometimes play dates consist of walking through Target with a friend picking up our last minute groceries and diapers, but honestly that is ok with me. Because even though being a stay-at-home mom is a little messier and more chaotic than I would have imagined, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Some days feel extremely long, but the months and years go by way too fast! I may not be that perfect “put together” mom strolling through Nordstrom, but I get to spend my days making my beautiful blue-eyed toddler laugh! At the end of the day, our children don’t care if we have makeup on or if the dishes are all done. My toddler just loves to play, imagine, and share with his mommy!

So today, I’m going to enjoy every moment with this little boy of mine, and forget perfection. Because in my son’s eyes, I am the “perfect” stay-at-home mommy!

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